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A.M. Fridman and A.V. Khoperskov, Russia
ISBN-13: 978-1-907343-30-8; 680 pages, hardback, 2013; £115.00/$180.00
The book includes a number of new data obtained in recent years, in particular material relating to the recently discovered
new structures in spiral galaxies: giant anticyclones, cyclones and slow bars. New methods for the detection of these structures
are described. Types of vertical motions of stars and gas in the galaxies, whether due to the presence of spiral arms, or hose
instability are discussed. An important place is given to modern numerical methods for describing the dynamics of galaxies,
stellar as well as gas components. Algorithms of numerical models and a number of important results are presented. Other
topics discussed include: the role of vertical motions in the disk systems and a new two-dimensional model of the gas disk, the
theory of turbulence; a simple self-consistent model of the inhomogeneous differentially rotating hot stellar disk of i nite thickness; conditions for
stability of stellar disks, taking into account the worse stabilizability of non-axisymmetric disturbances compared to axisymmetric one; technique
of construction of numerical dynamic models of gas and collisionless stellar disks; etc.


B.E. Paton, et al., E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, Kiev, Ukraine
ISBN-13: 978-1-907343-96-4; 490 pages, hardback, July 2014; £105.00/$170.00
The book describes the scientii c and applied aspects of using plasma heat sources (plasmatrons) in metallurgical and cast-
ing production. The main types of plasmatrons, used for melting of metals and treatment of metallic melts in laboratory and
industrial conditions are described. The industrial application of plasma heat sources is discussed and the development of
new metallurgical processes and technologies is outlined. The design of melting furnaces with a ceramic hearth and remelt-
ing furnaces with the formation of the billet in the cooled solidii cation mould, equipment for rei ning remelting of the surface layer of the billets,
growth of single crystals of refractory metals, etc, is described. The results of comparison of the quality of metals and alloys melted using different
In Quest
technologies are presented.
of Distant
V. G. Surdin
In Quest V.G. Surdin, Russia
of Distant ISBN-13: 978-1-907343-39-1; 370 pages, hardback, July 2014; £85.00/$140.00
Planets The dream of every astronomer is to discover a new planet. Previously, this took place everyone or 200 years. However,
at present, new planners are discovered quite frequently, approximately 1 large planet per week, and small ones many
hundreds every night. The book describes the history of search and current search for large and small planners in the solar
system and away from it, the technology used for this search, and factors which help and inhibit astronomers in their work.
It is discussed how the planets received their names and further discoveries are predicted. The appendix presents accurate
data on the planets, still are systems and largest telescopes.


Maxim Khlopov, Virtual Institute of Astroparticle Physics, Paris, France
ISBN 978-1-907343-48-3; 375 pages, hardback; 2012, £100.00/$165.00
The book is concerned with the problems of cosmoparticle physics - science dealing with the fundamental interactions of
micro- and macroworld. The problems of reasons for cosmological expansion, the origin of baryon matter and existence in
the universe of other non-baryon forms of matter, are discussed. The foundation of this science as an unavoidable stage of
internal development and cosmology and also the physics of elementary particles, together with the main principles are only
some of the topics discussed in the book. The physics of neutrino mass and its cosmological manifestations, the physical
fundamentals of the existence and possibilities of astronomic search for the mirror and shadow matter, unstable massive
neutrinos, invisible axions, and the domains of antimatter in the baryon-asymmetric universe, primary black holes, various stable and unstable
particles of the hidden mass are just some of the problems of elements of cosmomicrophysical analysis which should be studied when investigating
the universe and physical law as determining its origin, structure and evolution.
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