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V.V. Kotlyar and A.A. Kovalev, Russian Academy of Sciences
ISBN 978-1-907343-92-6; 210 pages, hardback, 2014; £65.00/$105.00
The book deals with an important direction of modern optics – singular optics that examines, in particular, the vortex
laser beams. These beams have an orbital angular momentum and are used widely for optical trapping and rotation of
V.V. Kotlyar and A.A. Kovalev the microparticles; interferometry for recognition of convex and concave parts of the wavefront; stellar coronagraphs
to observe the planetary system of individual stars; optical image processing to perform Hankel and Hilbert transfoma-
tions; telecommunication systems to seal the information channel using beams with different states of the orbital angular

CORRELATED V.V. S amartsev, Russian Academy of Sciences
AND ISBN-13 978-1-907343-44-5; approx. 160 pages, hardback, 2014, £45.00/$75.00
APPLICATIONS The book deals with correlated photons in quantum optics, the methods of producing them and a number of applications
in biphoton spectroscopy and polarisation, graphics of the biphoton ield. In the majority of the experiments described in
the book, the correlated pairs of the photons (by photons) were produced in the process of spontaneous parametric scat-
tering of light. Such a pair of photons is the unit quantum object in the so-called entangled state. This state is described
V.V. Samartsev
by a single wave function and has a number of unique statistical properties. The correlated photons in the pair are rigidly
connected together by the area and moment of nucleation, frequency and the direction of dispersion. The intensity of the
lux of the biphotons is directly associated with the brightness of zero luctuations of electromagnetic vacuum.


S.G. Fedosin, Russia
ISBN-13: 978-1-907343-89-6; approx. 800 pages, hardback, August 2014; £115.00/$185.00
The book it is devoted to the inluence of the theory of ininite hierarchical nesting of matter on the development of other
physical theories. a model of bead lightning; the application of the idea of quantization to the planetary system evolution;
description of the hypothesis of new particles as the cause of the redshift of distant galaxies spectrum and microwave
electromagnetic background radiation; the proof of Newton’s law of universal gravitation in graviton’s concept; descrip-
tion of substance evolution and transformation under weak interaction reactions; electromagnetic models of nucleons and
neutron stars; presentation of quarks as quasi-particles composed of different phases of hadron substance; decomposition
of neutrino and similar particles of one matter level to luxes of similar particles of a deeper matter level; bringing the action of electromagnetic
forces among the charged bodies to the interaction of numerous minute charged particles of the lower level matter between the bodies;


D.S. Sobolewski, Poland
ISBN-13: 978-1-907343-53-7; 200 pages, hardback, August 2014; £65.00/$105.00
Theory of Space restores proper cause-and-effect relationships in physics, gives the correct interpretation of the notion
of time and other fundamental physical quantities in spaces of more than three dimensions thus giving the correct Euler
equations in these spaces. The book reveals the structure of space and particles, explains the essence of all types of interac -
tions, introduces additional components to the dependence E (v). The gravitational and electromagnetic interactions are
described in detail, the nature of matter and antimatter is explained, and the existence of a new elementary particle, proving
that space has four spatial dimensions is indicated. The theory covers all the branches of physics, including cosmology by
setting the radius of the universe, the distance between three-dimensional boundary hypersurfaces etc.
Finally, the book refers to other theories such as, inter alia, quantum mechanics, relativity, etc. revealing their nature,
limitations, and proposing a modiication of quantum mechanics by taking the four dimensions of space and all types of oscillations into account.


M.W. Evans, S.J. Crothers, H. Eckardt and K. Pendergast, UK, Germany, Australia
ISBN 978-1-907343-28-5; 480 pages, hardback, January 2012; £95.00/$150.00
In 2003 one of the four authors of this book began to construct a uniied ield theory of general relativity called “Einstein
Cartan Evans” or ECE theory. This time, the geometry was correct, and physics was based on torsion. The ECE theory has
developed into about 168 source papers to date and several books and articles by ECE scholars. It has made a phenomenal
worldwide impact, indicating a great dissatisfaction with the obsolete physics. This book is the irst to collect the severe
criticisms of Einstein that are now commonplace.
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