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DIALOGUES J.R. Croca and R.N. Moreira, University of Lisbon, Portugal
QUANTUM PHYSICS ISBN 13: 978-1-907343-85-8; approx. 220 pages, hardback, July 2014; $50.00/$80.00
Sun The old paradigm of linear quantum mechanics is worn out. It is therefore urgent to replace it with a new approach, one which
Moon Venus
Mercury accepts a reality independent from the observer and which solves the paradoxes and enigmas that popular theories continue
to stimulate. This book, in a language accessible not only to scholars but to everyone, exposes the insuficiencies of the or-
From Paradoxes to Nonlinearity
thodox and dominant linear quantum physics, and also demonstrates that time has come to bet on a new quantum physics, a
causal and nonlinear physics, which for the time being is heterodox.
J. R. Croca and R. N. Moreira
The reader is invited to view the most outstanding events in the history of astronomy and physics, with innovative inter-
pretation of quantum physics, based upon complexity and nonlinearity, which will be the foundation to the most promising
research programmes.
Lyubomir T. Gruyitch, Serbia
GALILEAN– ISBN-13: 978-1-907343-41-4; 390 pages, hardback, June 2014; £80.00/$135.00
REBUTTAL TO Galilean-Newtonean physics is the basis for the presented in-debt study of Einstein`s works. Rigorous, exact, proofs of the
RELATIVITY full physical failure and mathematical sever restrictions on the validity of Einstein`s formulae exclusively under Einstein`s
Lyubomir T. Gruyitch physically meaningless and mathematically unjustiiable assumptions The book discovers a number of the inconsistences,
mistakes and paradoxes of Einstein`s relativity theory. The book presents the proofs that Einstein`s claims (lifted to the level
of uncontested postulates) on the relativity of time itself, on the existence of several times and the time speeds, on the time
dependence on space (frames), on the invariance of the light speed are wrong and physically meaningless. The book discov-
ers Einstein`s tacit assumptions accepted a priory , which form the basis for all his mathematical results. The book explains and shows that all the
assumptions are inacceptable, which makes all his mathematical results formally valid only under such assumptions and that his theory represents
from the formal mathematical view point exclusively a singular case.

Alay Sharma, India
ISBN-13: 978-1-907343-84-1; approx. 280 pages, hardback, August 2014; £60.00/$100.00
BEYOND EINSTEIN The origin of E = mc may be understood since days of Newton but qualitatively. If Einstein’s September 1905 paper
E = mc 2 is critically analyzed (with different values of variables) then the feasible result is ‘when light energy is emitted by a
luminous body its mass must increase’, which is contradiction. The perpetual energy machine is not possible. The reason
is that Einstein derived light energy-mass interconversion equation (L = mc ) under special conditions of variables only.
Then E = mc was speculated from L= mc , without any logic (by replacing light energy L by every energy E). There are
many observations in existing physics which can be explained with help of ∆E =Ac ∆m. The Big Bang theory of origin
universe postulates the universe started its life from explosion of ‘a singular atom’. Does ∆E =Ac2∆m explain how ‘the
singular atom’ was created and exploded?
Yu.K. Tovbin, Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry, Moscow,
ISBN 978-1-907343-90-2; Approx 650 pages, hardback, August 31, 2014; £115.00/$180.00
The processes in porous solids form the basis of many traditional and advanced technologies: catalytic, sorption, mem-
brane, electrochemical, chromatographic, puriication and separation of liquid and gas mixtures, capillary condensation and
desorption, multiphase iltration and spraying, wetting, impregnation and drying of a wide range of disperse systems, both
synthesised and natural, including the processes of transfer of matter in different soils, etc.
The monograph is the irst step in describing from the same viewpoint the entire range of the problems in calculating equi-
librium and dynamic characteristics of the adsorption processes in porous solids on the molecular level. Two new directions
of statistical thermodynamics are presented for the irst time: the theory of delamination of molecules in complex microhet-
erogeneous systems and microscopic hydrodynamics. The book will be of interest to experts working in the processes of equilibrium and dynamics
of absorption in porous solids and it will also be useful for a wide range of experts in the area of physical chemistry, concerned with the problems
of statistical thermodynamics, the physics of surface phenomena and phase transitions, the kinetic theory of condensed phases and hydrodynamics.

A. Salak and M. Selecka, Materials Research Institute, Slovakia
ISBN 978-1-907343-74-2, 390 pages, hardback, 2012; £115.00/$180.00
This work in three parts presents a summary of the sintered manganese steel properties from 1948 to 2011 involving pro-
cessing conditions and other characteristics. In the irst and third part are given results attained by the authors based on
their inding that manganese (cheapest element) during sintering evaporates and by this the vapour cleans the sintering
atmospheres from humidity. The second part presents other positive properties of manganese steels in spite of the doubt
of oxidation of manganese during sintering and by this excluding the sintering manganese steels what hinderd the use of
manganese in production of sintered parts.
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